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Λεωφ. Βουλιαγμένης 96 Νέος Κόσμος, Αθήνα                                        Τηλ: 210-9023051

Λιπαντικά Chief Oil & North Sea
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Τηλ: 2109023051

Cherokee SAE 10W40

cherokee sae 10w40
cherokee sae 10w40(1)
Περιγραφή Description: All season semi-synthetic turbo motor oil meeting the most severe conditions.Application: Cherokee is prescribed for all types of gasoline, LPG and diesel engines, turbo charged or naturally aspira­ted. In passenger cars and small commercial vehicles working under the severest heavy duty circumstances, in all seasons. Also wherever below mentioned spe­cifications are to be fulfilled.Specifications *API SL / CFEnergy conserving ( 1.5 % EFEI -SEQ VI -API SH )ACEA A3 / B4MB 229.1VW 500.00 / 505.00PORSCHE, BMW, SAAB, SKODA

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